Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rihanna spends £15,000 on a hair salvage mission

Rih-versed ... Rihanna hides her hair under a hat
Rihanna hides her hair under a
POP beauty Rihanna blew £15,000 on a hair rescue mission after it was ruined in a sauna.
 The singer flew her stylist first class from LA to London because she didn't want to gamble on a local hairdresser.
Rihanna, 24, had gone for a swim at her hotel and used its steam room and sauna.
A source said: "When she got out, her hair was tangled and matted. She slapped a load of conditioner on but it didn't get through the mass."
Rihanna was due to film Jonathan Ross's ITV1 chat show the next day, so called her stylist Ursula Stephen.
The source said: "She didn't want to take the chance on an unknown.
"Because they were on such a tight schedule, they had to get her on the first flight. Rihanna didn't care about paying a fortune."
The star, who won International Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards last week, hid her hair with a cap as she left London's Corinthia hotel yesterday.
She kept it on during rehearsals for the ITV chat show.
A source added: "Rihanna shoved a hat on to go to the studios. She was fine when she knew Ursula was on her way."

"The Sun"



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