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These days, being a dad is about much more than being just a breadwinner. Recent studies have shown that as a father, you have a vital role to play in the development of your child. So how can you go about being a super dad to your children?
These days, being a dad is about much more than being just a breadwinner. Recent studies have shown that as a father, you have a vital role to play in the development of your child.

Read to them, often
Whether you’re a reader or not, reading to your children (from the time they’re babies onward) is crucial. It gets them in the habit of reading, and prepares them for a lifetime of learning. It gives you some special time together, and become a tradition your child will cherish.

Transparent and A positive influence 
We should not only teach them the Christian/Muslim values but we must live and show our family the values that the Bible is teaching us as the model and the leader of the household, you could be a positive influence to your children by being a good example.

Work Hard To Provide
We live in a two income world in many ways, but, whatever the case, it is important for dad to work hard to set an example as a provider. This teaches children to be dependent and thankful, if they are taught to view it that way and not left to take it for granted or given everything on a silver platter.

Don’t look at anything as “mom” duties — share responsibilities.  
Get involved in everything, and share the load with your baby mama. Changing diapers, giving baths, getting them dressed, even feeding them (you can give them breast milk in a bottle).

A little patience goes a long way
As a parent, I know as well as anyone how easy it is to lose your patience and temper. However, allowing yourself to react in anger or frustration is not the best thing for your child, and you must remember that. That means you need to take a deep breath, or a walk, when you start to lose your patience. Practice patience with your child and your relationship, and your child, will benefit over the long run.

Kids like making decisions.
 While it is easier to be an authoritarian parent, what you’re teaching your child is to submit to orders no matter what. Instead, teach your child to make decisions, and he’ll grow up much more capable — and happier

Being a father can be a wonderful thing, once you get past all the gross stuff, all the stressful events, the loss of privacy, and the bewildering numbers of ways you can screw it up.
I was thinking about what rules great dads should live by. While you may not agree with every rule I think important, perhaps you might agree with some; and perhaps you have a few others you live by that I have overlooked. So here are a few main rules I feel great dads should try to live by:
 Loving - Love First And Always and Cherish your time with them.
This is one of the hardest things to practice but the most rewarding when practiced well. We only have our children in our homes for 18 or so years, One thing that will amaze you is how quickly the years will fly.  The time you have with them is short and precious — make the most of it. Spend as much time as you can with them, and make it quality, loving time. Try to be present as much as possible while you’re with them too — don’t let your mind drift away, as they can sense that. 

Don’t be the absent dad
The biggest mistake that dads make are not being there for their children. Always, always set aside time each day and each week for your children. Don’t let anything violate this sacred time. And at those big moments in your child’s life — a soccer game, a music recital, a science fair — do you very best to be there. It means the world.

Stand together with mom
It’s no good to have one parent say one thing, just to have the other contradict that parent. Instead, you and mom should be working together as a parenting team, and should stand by each other’s decisions. That said, it’s important that you talk out these decisions beforehand, so that you don’t end up having to support a decision you strongly disagree with.

Teach them independence
From an early age, teach your children to do things for themselves, gradually letting them be more independent as they grow older. 

Let them be themselves
Many parents try to mold their child into the person they want their child to be...give your child freedom to be himself. Children, like all humans, have quirks and different personalities. Let those personalities flourish. Love your child for who he is, not who you want him to be.

Treat their mother with respect, always
Some fathers can be abusive toward their spouse, and that will lead to a cycle of abuse when the child grows up.  If you treat your child’s mother with disrespect, your child will not only learn that behavior, but grow up with insecurities and other emotional problems. Treat your child’s mother with respect at all times.

Limit TV and video games
I’m not saying you have to be Amish or anything, but too much of this type of entertainment keeps them from doing more imaginative playing, from reading, from getting outside to exercise. 

Model good behavior.
 It’s one thing to tell you child what she should do, but to say one thing and do another just ruins the message. In fact, the real lesson your child will learn is what you do. Your child is always watching you, to learn appropriate behavior. Excessive drinking or smoking or drug use by parents, for example, will become ingrained in the child’s head. Bad manners, inconsiderate behavior, sloppy habits, anger and a negative attitude, laziness and greed … all these behaviors will rub off on your child. Instead, model the behavior you’d like your child to learn.

Learn the “firm no”
While I’m all for giving kids the freedom to choose, and for free play, and lots of other freedoms, there should be limits. Parents who don’t set boundaries are going to have children with behavior problems, who have problems when they grow up. 

A great Dad to mum too..

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