Thursday, August 30, 2012

Akina mama ,,ukijifungua salama ni jambo la kumshukuru Mungu sana,Hawa ni mapacha Abigail and Brittany Hensel wanashare mwili mmoja ila vichwa ni viwili.They do each and everything as a human being.

TLC's Abby and Brittany show will chart the next chapter of the twins life as they graduate from college and travel across Europe with their friends
Astonishing development: The 22-year-olds, who share one body, have amazed doctors who thought they wouldn't survive the night as newborns
The girls are shown graduating from Bethel University in Minnesota in the first episode of the show
One in a trillion: The Hensels are believed to be one of only a few sets of dicephalus twins in history to survive infancy
Extraordinary bond: Conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel have been given their own reality TV show charting their graduation and travels through Europe
Feat of teamwork: The girls passed their driving test on their 16th birthday, with each twin using one arm to control the steering wheel
Remarkable: The girls have two spines, two hearts, two oesophagi, two stomachs, three kidneys, two gall bladders, four lungs, one liver, one ribcage, a shared circulatory system and partially shared nervous systems
Much-loved: The girls attended a private church school and are popular with their friends, who treat them no differently from anyone else
Young adults: The girls are seen prepping for their 22nd birthday party
Unique parenting skills: Their mother Patty has encouraged the girls to develop their own individuality and to ensure that if one of the twins misbehaves, she is careful to only scold the one responsible
In unison: The twins display an astonishing sense of co-ordination, with each using one arm to perform tasks, including playing the piano and sport
Give and take: What is perhaps most touching about Abigail and Brittany has been their ability to get on, despite their different personalities

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