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How will you know a true friend?

He/she doesn't show you as much affection as she shows your other friends. Example: She texts everyone else in your group but texts you less or doesn't text you

  • He/she talks to everyone in your "circle" except for you to a point where it is awkward to even say hello in the mornings.

  • He/she only talks to you about certain topics, like schoolwork. Real friends can eventually comfortably talk about anything. If all you and your "friend" talk about is homework or whatever and nothing else, then they're probably just school friends, not real friends.

  • He/she ignores you when in a public place or with a group of others.

  • He/she only wants to converse with you when they need something and makes no effort to talk to you otherwise.

  • When you talk to him/her, there's usually a lot of awkward silences.

  • He/she never wants to hang out with you out of school or wherever you see/meet them.

  • Two of your best friends always hang out and never invite you to come along or just chill.

  • He/she joins others in talking about you behind your back.  

  • Think about some of the positive things that your friend might be doing.
    • Do you feel that you can trust him/her?
    • Is he/she almost always there for you when you need him/her?
    • Is he/she willing to help you out in a hard time?
    • Does he/she include you in conversation amongst other friends, and/or talk to you as much, if not, more than everyone else?
    • Does your friend apologize when he/she does something to you that he/she knows was wrong?
    • Does your friend use nice manners when you do stuff for him/her or when you offer things to him/her?
    • Does he/she remember to get you gifts, or at least wish you a happy birthday?
    • If or when you two fight, do you get over it quickly, or does it take a lot of pleading forgiveness for them to forget it?

    note:Don't lie to yourself about being friends with someone that does not feel the same way for you. Ultimately, you would only be hurting yourself.

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