Friday, July 6, 2012

Women..Today we are talking about getting pregnancy fast..see the tips below..


Limit stress
Stress is one of the major reasons preventing pregnancy. Even a completely healthy couple the stress and high anxiety does not work quickly to get pregnant. Learn to relax: good help autotraining, aromatherapy and aromatic baths, massage (spa, hydromassage), in extreme cases, you can resort to the soothing herbs.

Throw your bad habits: smoking and alcohol consumption.For smokers Women are less likely to get pregnant quickly. The fact that the eggs are laid in the birth of girls, new lifetime does not arise. That is, all the harmful effects, toxic substances remain in the egg cells and can cause failure of fertilization or pathology in the future child. Nicotine and tar are deposited in the liver, which weakens its function of detoxification, the liver tries to work more intensively and produces too many androgens - hormones, excess regulations that prevent ovulation. Smoking reduces the level of estradiol in the blood, and therefore reduces the chance to conceive a child. Male smokers have lower sperm count and they are less mobile. Caffeine similarly negative effect on conception.

Eat right.

In order to quickly get pregnant, the diet must be present in a large number of greens and vegetables, cereals and breads rich in folic acid, sunflower or olive oil to a sufficient quantity to receive vitamin E, fruit. Women with anovulation, every day is recommended to eat nuts, legumes. Be sure to eat every day, yogurt, cottage cheese or rich milk.

Men are encouraged to eat fish, nuts and meat. These products increase the mobility of sperm.

And move from a diet of sweets, flour and products containing preservatives, dyes and carcinogens.

Stabilize your weight to get pregnant faster.

There are too thin or too pompous women may have problems conceiving. Usually there are not specifically because of the weight, but because of hormonal disorders, which result is overweight. For starters, if your weight is too different from the norm, visit the doctor-endocrinologist. I note that women whose weight is constant (no matter its size) get pregnant much faster than women whose weight fluctuates.
To think about the weight and men: variations in weight produced fewer sperm.

Limit the use of drugs, especially antibiotics, analgesics and antihistamines (allergy).

Antibiotics have a negative effect on the liver, and prevent violations of its work quickly to get pregnant. Antihistamines prevent ovulation.

Do not use lubricants during intercourse, they create an environment that kills sperm. Some recommend the use of grease instead of egg whites - in any case! The protein may be as many pathogens that treatment of these only hinder getting pregnant quickly.

Renounce oral sex without a condom, because in the oral cavity is quite different microflora, but also because enzymes break down the saliva sperm.

Do not throw words and do not wish anyone harm, do not say that your situation is deplorable, do not complain. Say: I will be all right.

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